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How Barnco Mart Team identifies which is the best smart watch for your kids?

We identified by Online research and customer reviews from places like Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, and best buy are often where we start when making product recommendations. But it’s not the end of our process. We also use advice from industry experts and company rankings from third-party organizations to determine which brands consumers should trust. You can learn here more about a smartwatch. Here all products are available at the cheapest price as compare to another online platform.

Best kids smart watch in 2020

It is well known that when you’re a parent, the best thing is seeing your little one’s face light up. But how do you know where to start when it comes to shopping around? Of course clothes, books, and cuddly toys are all staple options. But if you want to get your child something truly fascinating it might be worth thinking outside the box. From electronic toys, here is a few kids smart watch that you probably haven’t thought, but your child is sure to love. Speaking of advancing technology, the smartwatch has become a popular choice for kids as well as adults over recent years.
kids love them because of the colorful designs, touchscreen, phone function, and pedometers. While parents all over the world are falling in love with the incredible child safety benefits. Features like a trackable GPS and an Emergency Calling system make smartwatches the safe. A fun alternative to taking the leap to a smartphone. So We’ve scoured the world of smartwatches to find the top timepieces for your kids. Let’s have a look for the best watches:

1- LEMFO Kids Smart Watch for Your Child Safety

kids smart watch

We’re always looking for ways to make sure our kids are happy, healthy and safe. With the new LEMFO smartwatch, we’ve found one – and it’s an all-round solution. This multifunctional child positioning watch is hitting the market at the moment for children. It is designed to be fun and “cool” for kids while offering parents peace of mind. With this nifty little device, your kids can send a voice memo, call or text. While away from home, no matter where they may be. The kids smart watch also features, allowing parents to simply use an app on their smartphone.

More Information about LEMFO Watch:

To check where their child is and that they are safe. It is packed with safety features, including a one-touch SOS function for use in emergencies. As if all these great safety components weren’t enough. This watch also offers more for your kids to make this a gadget that’s fun to wear. We’ve seen various kids’ smartwatches on the market in recent years. But this is one that certainly covers all the bases by meeting the needs of both parent and child. For a device that takes safety seriously in a way that is fun for kids.


  1. IP67 waterproof
  2. Life Waterproof
  3. Real-time GPS tracking
  4. Activity and sleep tracker with insights
  5. Clock, stopwatch, calendar, voice recorder and more
  6. SOS function for use in emergencies
  7. Battery life is also really good lasts up to 5 days

2- Kids smart watch for boys and girls SOS Calls

kids smart watch

These multi-functional children watch is one of the highest profiles of the new brands to hit the market. It labels itself the “smallest, coolest GPS watch for kids”, but does the product itself live up to this title? Yes, The product certainly is small and cool specially formulated for children aged three and up. This LBS tracker watch seems like a better choice for parents of young children due to its bright, colorful designs.
This kids smart watch main function is as a time cellular-connected GPS tracking device. Knowing the whereabouts of your children when they’re out with friends. On their way home from school or out of the house is the main goal many parents want from a smartwatch. So this is a great feature for this smartwatch to have. It has a GPS system that allows boast features such as being able to locate your child anywhere, anytime. It also allows parents to receive notifications and alerts regarding your child’s arrivals and departures from various locations. The watch also allows for Geo-fencing, letting parents set up safety zones on their child’s device for extra reassurance.

Designed especially for younger children:

The model emerges up with a bright and colorful, coming in a range of color combinations. So your child can pick their favorite. The models are small with a rounded, child-friendly design which makes them look attractive “especially for younger children“. One of our favorite new additions to the market is its new inbuilt features. Which come complete with both a step counter and calorie tracker. Parents find this great for setting step targets over the course of a weekend trip. It also helps with educating children about what they put into their bodies and developing a healthy relationship with food.


  1. 2-way voice communication
  2. LBS positioning and Precise positioning
  3. 2G communication mode
  4. Wide compatibility
  5. Fancy design and color for small kids
  6. Remote Turn Off, Award for Warm Heart, Historical Route Tracking
  7. Watch Alarm, Low Power Alarm, Time Display, Alarm Clock
  8. Incoming Phone Call Firewall, etc.
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3. Best waterproof smartwatch for kids

children smart watch

Specifically built for kids this watch has all the features kid dreams of. The smart watch for kids is immediately recognizable for its signature feature. This smartwatch is one of the many 2G smartwatches for kids hitting the market at the moment for children. Like many of its competitors, it is designed to be fun and “cool” for kids while offering parents peace of mind. With this nifty little device, your kids can send a voice memo, call or text while away from home, no matter where they may be. This Smart watch is not only a smart device but also a basic digital camera for small children.

The smart watch also features real-time GPS tracking, allowing parents to simply use an app on their smartphone to check where their child is and that they are safe. As if all these great safety components weren’t enough, it also offers more for your kids to make this a gadget that’s fun to wear and play with. The watch comes in 3 colors – yellow, blue, and purple – so there’s a sleek design to suit any child’s tastes. Kids can send emojis and text messages just like adults do and the device is easy for young users to get to grips with, boasting a full color, high-resolution touch screen.

Multi-Function smartwatch for kids:

kids smart watch

This kids smart watch has an inbuilt step counter and calorie tracker, promoting an active lifestyle by encouraging your child to meet step goals. It also features a silent mode for use during school hours to ensure minimum disruption. The device has an impressive battery life of 400 mah that lets your kids use it for a longer duration, so you never have to worry about it running out of charge while they’re away from home.

This smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making it easily accessible for all parents. We’ve seen various kids’ smart watches on the market in recent years, but this is one that certainly covers all the bases by meeting the needs of both parent and child. For a device that takes safety seriously in a way that is fun for kids, there are few that can match it. The developers behind this watch really have thought of everything, with child safety being their number one priority.


  1. Recommended age – 3 to 12 years
  2. 2 way clear and stable call
  3. Easy group chat, supports group chat with multiple phones
  4. Precise positioning and real-time viewing
  5. Lower Radiation value
  6. Full HD calls
  7. GPS tracking
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4. Smart GPS+LBS watch for kids

Everything you need to know to decide whether the K21 smartwatch is the right model for your child.

smartwatch for kids

This IP67 smartwatch is a popular choice among parents looking for a way to feel more at ease about child safety and communication. Choosing a wearable tech model for your child is an important decision, as the right choice can make our children safer — and for parents, there’s nothing more important. So this K21 kid smartwatch is the right option for you and your little ones.
The smartwatch markets itself as a “wearable phone and locator for kids”, helping to keep families connected without resorting to buying your child a smartphone. The GPS smart watch for kids comes with a built-in 450mAh lithium battery, compatible with both Android and iOS users, which parents can control to keep tabs on the smart watch and their child. This function allows parents to access and control the tech, editing the settings to best fit current locations and situations. It also comes up with an appealing and sleek design with different colors to choose from.

Best kids smartwatch GPS for security:

Being marketed as a ‘wearable phone’, it’s no surprise that the main feature of the watch is the Baby Address Book: 15 sets of baby numbers, this number can be called in (after setting the number, only the set number can be called in, if not all the numbers can be called in) and voice calling. For many parents, the main advantage of a smartphone is the ability to call their child and check upon them, but online risks and stranger danger raise safety concerns. This makes voice calling a great feature, giving you the advantages of a phone without the risks. It is engraved with a green firewall to filter out unfamiliar numbers and information.

Smartwatch with GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi
best waterproof smartwatch

The other main feature is its Smart Locator. It blends GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi to help locate your child both indoors and outdoors. If GPS and knowing your child’s location are the main things you want out of a smartwatch, then this is a good model to consider as it uses some of the most accurate location information. You can even make separate profiles for each child in the app, and set up a maximum of five ‘Safe zones’. Safe zones are locations such as home or school which you deem safe. The app can notify you every time your child either enters or leaves a safe zone.

It also has an SOS call for rescue: One key SOS call cycle for rescue and three SOS Kinship numbers. This smart watch for kids has a short message reminder service, almost like an old pager that can be used by parents to send reminders or instructions to their children.


  1. High perspective touch screen; explosion-proof
  2. proof watch lens
  3. Footprint: Playback of historical track
  4. IP67 waterproof, wearable swimming, deep waterproof
  5. Disturbance free period
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5. Anti-loss monitor touch screen smart watch

anti-loss monitor smartwatch

There are a lot of smartwatches for Kids on the market these days – great news for parents! Many of the latest designs feature an SOS one button for help, which allows parents to keep an eye on the little ones even when they are out of sight! This watch is one of the smartest designs on the market right now – fun for kids and a necessity for parents. The ability to send SOS signals when the child got in danger, the child can send SOS messages and make a call to the parents is what this watch aims for. Every parent knows the dreaded feelings of worry when they lose sight of their child.

Two-way voice calling:

two way calling

This smartwatch recognizes the need for parents to stay in touch with their children at all times and has the perfect solution to make that a reality! Through this kids smart watch you can dial 13 phone numbers-3 family members and can add 10 phone numbers on the contact book ensuring for their child to contact, compared to most other models which give you the option of only saving one or two. This gives them a greater choice of numbers, but not all parents will necessarily want their child using their smartwatch to chat regularly to the extended family via their watch.

Another parenting feature in this watch is the ability for two-way voice calling. One of its unique features is its flashlight switch whose small light can focus on easy reading, learning, and energy conservation. Another great benefit in terms of its design is that it is actually waterproof! So kids do not need to worry about it if they happen to get in the shower with their smart watch on! What’s more, it also has a very powerful battery that lasts for long! The good thing is that when the battery runs low, it sends automatic alerts to parents, to avoid stress if they are unable to reach their kids!


  1. Supports both Android and IOS phone
  2. LBS tracker
  3. Supports multilingual language
  4. Compatible AMD is suitable for kids.
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6. Kids Smart Watch with 2G sim, HD Camera

kids smart watch

If you’re looking for something to give your children, look no further than the smart watch. Smartwatches for kids are on the rise and there are some great options on the market that have been tailor-made for kids, fulfilling several needs while delighting today’s tech-obsessed children. This watch has been designed with a range of purposes in mind. It aims to enhance learning and development through wearable tech, and also provide communication and GPS features to ensure child safety. This kids smart watch is therefore not only a nifty little gift that your kids will love but can also be a valuable tool for you as a parent. This smartwatch is compatible with all Apple and Android devices. The watch comes in a range of colors and is easily chargeable via USB cable. It also has a feature of a small flashlight for viewing in dark places.

Two way Clear and Stable call:

kids smart watch

The HESTIA’s concept is unique, promoting structured daily routines that encourage organization, independence, cooperation and good habits. Young kids will love feeling autonomous and having their own role in the family unit. The watch is a wearable GPS tracking device custom-made for kids, available in a range of bright and colorful designs. It’s the smallest GPS watch on the market so it can be worn comfortably every day by children, and its durability and water resistance means it won’t be easily damaged during play.
The watch allows you to monitor accurate, real-time location information as well as receive directions to your child’s current location. It also sends you alerts when your child arrives at school or home so you always know that they’re safe. The watch comes with an inbuilt feature of curbing strangers to call upon. It also has a friend function that allows pairing and chatting with friends. The watch’s extended battery life lasts for long. The watch gives peace of mind to both you and your child, while its funky design will ensure kids never want to take it off.


  1. IP65 waterproof
  2. Precise positioning, real-time viewing
  3. Voice chatting more convenient
  4. Built-in cameras
  5. 2 way clear and stable call
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7. Waterproof Digital Watch Silicone with iTouch Screen

waterproof smartwatches

Technology in the smartwatch market has come a long way already and modern designs are sleek, attractive and functional. We’ve blitzed the market to find one of our favorite smartwatches for kids around, with models aimed exclusively at the digital market. This Waterproof silicone digital watch is one of the strongest choices for smartwatch buyers – and a top choice for Digital watch lovers. With 10 mm case thickness and 50 mm dial diameter size options, it should suit most wrists. This kids smart watch is extremely sports-focused, with the exquisite dial, unique watch texture, soft strap suitable for both men and women.
This electronic watch has an LED itouch watch display for those getting their eye turned by the Apple Watch. It is definitely one of a kind as it has emerged with a provincial power mode: no button operation within 3 seconds, the screen automatically turns off.

Smart Watches for boys and girls both with bright colorful:
colorful smartwatch

It’s a nice bit of kit and that screen is really punchy – making stats during runs in the dark easier to read, and notifications look crisp and sharp, too. The fitness tracking experience is also excellent, and its inbuilt sensor adds more details to sleep tracking, helping feed into metrics like Body Battery and Stress Score. It’s astounding value for a smart watch – offering premium design, build and features for the price much cheaper than other devices – it’s a steal.
So why is it such great value? Well, it has come up with electronic features – so it’s packed with the latest features – waterproofing, swim tracking, heart rate and low/high HR detection. It’s all in this incredibly low-priced device because you are born to be colorful and create wonderful moments being a bright youth.


  1. Detachable feature
  2. Functions of luminous mode
  3. Variety of styles; easy to wear
  4. LED display
  5. Water-resistant
  6. Glass mirror
  7. 12-hour system; single-button operation
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8. Letlike Smartwatch for kids

smart watch for kids

Letlike group may be holding the umbrella over a bunch of fashion houses producing smartwatches, but that doesn’t mean it’s not competing in the arena itself. And with its variety of smartwatches for kids, it’s setting the standard for what all of the watches it launches are capable of. There’s GPS built-in and a heart rate and sleep rate monitor, too, although we found the latter lacking in our stress tests. The headline feature is that it’s now swim-proof and does offer decent swim tracking skills in the pool too. It has an outstanding feature that never lets you miss the message that matters as you can see calls and messages on your wrist.

This smart watch for kids has been designed with a range of purposes in mind It’s by no means a complete fitness experience, but we like its design and bargain price. For casual users, this is an interesting smart watch option. The model emerges up with a bright color display and is impervious to water. You can see your daily activity and time on 0.96 inches TFT display screen.

Most attractive smartwatch for your child:

The models are small with a rectangle dial, user-friendly design which makes them look attractive — especially for people who want to look smart. One of our favorite new additions to the market is its new inbuilt features which come complete with both a step counter and calorie tracker. This itouch watch has loads of customizable features, including 12h/24h time format selection. Its battery lasts an impressive 5-7 days on a single charge. This smartwatch for kids is good value, packing in a lot of features for a relatively low price. Various models are available, the newer and more hi-tech options being more suitable for older ones.


  1. IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  2. Changeable bands; soft TFU material
  3. One button switching function
  4. Available in monochrome bright colors
  5. Supports multilingual languages
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9. Kids smart watch waterproof phone

kids smart watch

Introducing the bestselling smart watch for kids. It is a wrist-worn mobile phone for kids, with an inbuilt SIM card. The 3G watch combines outdoor GPS tracking, along with voice calling, messaging, online positioning, weather forecast, remote photography, micro chat, pedometer, and other fun features that kids love. These smartwatches for kids is totally safe and paired with a guardian APP on the parent’s phone, so parents have peace of mind that they know where their kids are, what they are up to, and can contact them at any time. This nifty device is a complete package that gives kids the freedom to be safe.

Parents can now enjoy true peace of mind with regard to their children’s safety. With real-time pin-point tracking, Two-way phone calling, GPS trail logging, and smart location alerts, parents can track their child’s whereabouts directly and can remain hassle-free. The smartwatch uses the latest technology and materials, specifically designed for safe wearable tech. Speaking of advancing technology, the tech you can use on the go has become a popular choice for kids as well as adults over recent months. Following on from the success of Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin, there are now some great brands on the market for children with any number of apps and features that will appeal to children from age 3 – 12 years.

New smartwatch for children with touchscreen function:

New watch for children

Kids love them because of the colorful designs, touchscreen, phone function, and pedometers, while parents all over the world are falling in love with the incredible child safety benefits. Features like a trackable GPS and an Emergency Calling system make smartwatches the safe and fun alternative to taking the leap to a smartphone. This kids smart watch also has a two way talking and 5 modes for the location making it a unique and reliable smartwatch. The watch’s extended battery standby time of 5 days. The watch gives peace of mind to both you and your child, while its funky design will ensure kids never want to take it off.


  1. IP67 waterproof
  2. 2-way intelligent talking; no problem in communicating.
  3. Emergency Key for SOS help
  4. Disables on class; let baby concentrate on studies
  5. Magnetic charge safe; easy and high efficiency
  6. Removable watch bands-4 color option
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10. Super-slim smartwatches for Men

smart watches for men

Smart watches in 2020 are more adept at handling water than ever before, meaning it’s now easier to find a watch you can swim with. As a “phone-connected” smart watch, this watch does most of the basics, but its forte is more in what it can do without a phone. This kid’s smartwatch is compatible with Android as well as iPhone (though with limited functionality).

Its 2.5D curved screen panel opens up a new viewing window with ultra-white color gamut and accurate color visibility. Notably, new functionality for the Sanda watch is the addition of a GPS and, what no smartwatch in 2019 can be without, a heart rate monitor for health tracking, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, clock, alarm and many more.

Best Smart watch with tracking system:

This slim and light smart bracelet of dial thickness 10.5 MM makes it different from the other watches available in the market. What I really liked was that this also has an easy switch interchangeable strap system along with a full touch screen operation with great performance. Its 1.3 inch big IPS screen makes it worth buying.  This finest quality watch is a serious, professional-grade tool for a variety of exercising, driving, racing, and general competition/tracking purposes. It is a basic smartwatch with regard to things like notifications and alerts.

smart watch for kids

Its battery standby time is about 20 days. Once you connect it to your phone, you’ll start to get a vibrating alert when a new e-mail, text message, or other random notification comes in. As a “phone-connected” smartwatch, this Sanda watch does most of the basics, but its forte is more in what it can do without a phone.


  • IP68 waterproof
  • Zinc alloy integrated structure
  • Supports multilingual language
  • Multi-sport modes
  • Stores precise data
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11. M3 plus Waterproof kids smart watch

waterproof smart watch

It is a hard truth. Nobody is ready to spend much on a smart watch without using it first. This M3 plus kids smart watch might be a game-changer then. This watch is a new smart time bracelet that reinterprets the color screen sports smart bracelet. A device like no other to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. A well-known fitness tracker watch that tracks real-time heart rate with its inbuilt sensor. Its high-resolution screen makes it unique. It works well by not letting you miss anything important as this watch has a feature to pop on screen a call alert or social platform information ensuring you retain important details.

Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Blood Pressure:
best smartwatch for kids

In this busy generation being sporty is very essential. All thanks to this brand new smart watch that makes sports more perfect no matter how busy going sports it is Not only will this smart watch calculate your sports step, it will also monitor your calories burned and sports mileage effectively. It comes up with monochrome colors making it look smarty and attractive for both men and women of this era. This smartwatch is more adept at handling water than ever before, meaning it’s now easier to find a watch you can swim with. This watch has been designed with a range of purposes in mind It’s by no means a complete fitness experience, but we like its design and bargain price.


  1. IP67 waterproof
  2. Compatible for both android and IOS device (Android 4.4 and higher, IOS 8.0 and higher)
  3. TFT screen type (0.96 inch TFT color touch screen)
  4. Bluetooth version 4.0
  5. Automatic sleep monitoring, sleep time, and tracking
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12. New 2020 Flagship Rugged Smartwatch

kids smart watch

If you are a fan of the innovative watch brand Zeblaze, then you will be pleased to find out that they have just released a brand new watch collection with multi-functional properties. This brand new Vibe 3 is provided with superior FSTN full-view reverse video display, to provide outstanding outdoor visibility, including in the environment of direct sunlight.
The display feature of the watch has been subjected to full-time optimization and thus it has the power to withstand environmental distractions. Its new version of Bluetooth 4.0 has some extraordinary features. If connected with the phone through Bluetooth 4.0, you can get incoming call reminders on your watch when someone contacts you ensuring that you don’t miss out on anything important. Zeblaze provides advanced smart sports watch with many functions. Work with the app, it becomes more convenient to check sports data and use its functions. Make your sports intelligence from this smartwatch!

Smartwatch 33-month Standby Time 24h

A smart watch like no other, with its cool supporting App feature that enables you to operate it in a simpler and user-friendly way. This watch can perform more activities like remote camera, Alarm, stopwatch, Pedometer, Stopwatch, Date/Time/week display, 12/23H switch, Low battery indication, social share, and 1.24” LCD screen with backlight. It is provided with a full view LCD screen along with a comfortable TPU band.

It is compatible with both android and IOS (Android 4.3 or above version and IOS 7.0 ). Also, the movement data can be saved on the watch for 21 days making it a cogent device. It can be saved on the cloud server permanently after uploading it.


  1. IP67 dustproof and waterproof
  2. Fourth-generation glass corning
  3. 316 L stainless steel
  4. Gravity sensor
  5. 33 months of standby time
  6. Remote camera and social sharing
  7. Data transmission- Wireless/Sync
  8. APP languages supporting– Simplified Chinese, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic
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